5 Simple Strategies to Grow Your Income in 2017

Planning to grow your income this 2017? This tips will surely bless and help you. Without this 5 strategies, it will be difficult to grow your income this 2017.

5 Ways to Open up Blessings in your Life

1. Belief

-You got to believe

a. You believe to yourself.
– It is important to have confident in yourself. If you believe in your self and in your skills, you can do it.

b. You believe about God.
– The most important thing is to believe in God. No matter what situation happens in your life, trust in God.

c. You got to believe you become rich.
– Whatever you believe, it will surely happen. Call the things that are not as though that counts. Speak life!

But before you can do this, you need to change your mindset. If your mindset is always negative, try to practice thinking all positive results. It will be a big help for you and to do this first strategy.  Remember, Money problem came from the mind problem

2. Serve

a. Volunteer
– most people don’t like to do this but if you do this you can’t increase your skills. Whatever skills you have, it’s going to increase if you serve.

3. Grow

– Grow your one thing

 a. You want to grow your income? You got to grow yourself.

You need to know what your one thing is. And then focus your energy on that one thing.

4. Duplication

– you got to know how to duplicate.

2 kinds of income
a. Active Income– exchanging your time for money
b. Passive Income– exchanging wisdom. Getting bigger money to small money. What you earn when your not working.
5. Invest

– you got to invest

a. technology

b. People

c. Investing


-Bo Sanchez

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6 Digit Income; How to Achieve your Desired Income/Salary

Do you want a 6- Digit Income? In this slides, you will find out how to achieve it. In this blog, you will also learn the importance of mindset in your business and in your life.

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Three Principles of Productivity


      Work Space or the physical items that are around you. How well are you using that physical space that you have? A gathering point is a place to gather unprocessed items. Typical gathering points include piles of paper, stack of bills, drawers stuff of miscellaneous items, even email inboxes, voicemail inboxes, and receipts stuffed in your pocket – all of these are considered gathering points.

       Your Mind  is not a gathering point. A mind filled with to dos and action items is constantly in a state of switching. This is terribly inefficient, very stressful, and a recipe for lots of mistakes. This will allow you to better focus throughout your day on the tasks at hand and not distract yourself

         The third and final principle deals with Time itself. In particular, focusing your time on that which is most valuable. There’re many ideas and opportunities that compete for your time daily. Those who are most productive have mastered the skill of making conscious choices about where they will focus their time. They’ve also become skilled at creating boundaries that protect their attention.

           This begins with identifying your MVAs (Most Valuable Activity). And then creating a budget to spend time in those most valuable activities. It also includes under-spending time to make sure you never go over budget. By under-spending you’ll actually get more done, have less stressed. and paradoxically have more time.

             Focus on your most valuable activities and under-spend time. By mastering the trifecta of space, mind and time, you’ll find your self better prepared to study more productive and focused.

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Business Strategy and use of Social Media

A business conversation about using Social Media should start with understanding the overall business strategy. Strategy- Long term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal or set of goals. SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT A STRATEGY

Four Strategic Options:

Existing Products                                                                        New Products

Existing Markets                                                                         Market Penetration                                                                Product Development
New Markets                                                                                Market Development                                                             Diversification

We can sell our Existing Products to Existing Customers, that’s Market Penetration. We can develop New Products to sell to Existing Customers that’s Product DevelopmentWe can expand our Existing Products into New Market segments, that’s Market Development. Or we can develop New Products for a New Market segments Diversification. But before you can embark on any marketing activity, you need to understand which direction your business is heading. And when you know where you want to be, you can work out the best way to get there.


Existing Products -> Existing Markets/Customer = Market penetration

New Products ->  Existing Markets/Customer = Product Development

Existing Products -> New Market = Market Development

New Products -> New Market = Diversification


We need to understand the Big Picture to know where we are heading with our Tactics. And if we understand that big pictire, we will know which Social Media Platforms will be most appropriate for our business needs, and we will also know what we’re aiming to achieve for that individual social media platforms.


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Six Tracks to your Virtual Assistant success in 2017!

Find out here what track fits you. How do you keep your skill sharp and current in this rapidly changing business landscape? Focus on one skill and grow that skill so you can be expert on that field.

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