Planning to grow your income this 2017? This tips will surely bless and help you. Without this 5 strategies, it will be difficult to grow your income this 2017.

5 Ways to Open up Blessings in your Life

1. Belief

-You got to believe

a. You believe to yourself.
– It is important to have confident in yourself. If you believe in your self and in your skills, you can do it.

b. You believe about God.
– The most important thing is to believe in God. No matter what situation happens in your life, trust in God.

c. You got to believe you become rich.
– Whatever you believe, it will surely happen. Call the things that are not as though that counts. Speak life!

But before you can do this, you need to change your mindset. If your mindset is always negative, try to practice thinking all positive results. It will be a big help for you and to do this first strategy.  Remember, Money problem came from the mind problem

2. Serve

a. Volunteer
– most people don’t like to do this but if you do this you can’t increase your skills. Whatever skills you have, it’s going to increase if you serve.

3. Grow

– Grow your one thing

 a. You want to grow your income? You got to grow yourself.

You need to know what your one thing is. And then focus your energy on that one thing.

4. Duplication

– you got to know how to duplicate.

2 kinds of income
a. Active Income– exchanging your time for money
b. Passive Income– exchanging wisdom. Getting bigger money to small money. What you earn when your not working.
5. Invest

– you got to invest

a. technology

b. People

c. Investing


-Bo Sanchez

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